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Willies Ice Hockey - New store


Willies Ice Hockey



Willies contacted indie to help them with their existing store in Earlesdon Coventry. A great store attracting customers from all over the country to their expertise, customer service and absolute love for all things ice skating. We worked together and created a plan to sort out the issues they had with the existing store layout, merchandising, comms and storage.
During these conversations we discussed the Warehouse Willies run (also in coventry) their considerable online business from and suggested another way around their issues would be to run the store from the warehouse, saving cost and allowing better customer service all round, no more issues with storage, no more waiting for products, plus better store layout, customer interactions, merchandising, store telling, space for community and to spread there love for their sports.
A few weeks later we had a call telling us they had negotiated to add a mezzanine floor to the warehouse and could we design a new store 😀 !!! We got together with the team and cracked on. We ensured all design works were as sustainable as possible, reusing existing counters, shopfittings, display aids and graphics and any new items taking into consideration their life cycle.
The store was launched in July to great fanfare, with a record breaking first weekend and brilliant feedback from Willies and customers alike, we look forward to visiting again soon and seeing the brand grow into the store.

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